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The Tai Hoi Li are a young craft that only came into existence in the days of the Vietnam War. Founded by the mysterious Tai Hoi, the group digs deep into the earth of Vietnam for unknown reasons.


Next to nothing is known about the true extent of the Tai Hoi Li's magic or their specific paradigm. Every single one of them, from acolyte to master, is guarded by a mental barrier that makes the divulsion of sensitive informations impossible. Rumors about the source of that power, either demonic bargains, tass harvested from magma or ancient technomantic machinery, are abundant in the Awakened community.

What has been observed is that the Tai Hoi Li seem to favor the Spheres of Correspondence, Mind and Entropy.


The origin of the the Tai Hoi Li lies in the Củ Chi tunnels that were constructed by the Viet Cong beneath Ho Chi Minh City and large swaths of the country, even extending as far as Cambodia.

Within these tunnels, a young farmer that was born blind guided his villagers to safety in the first days of the war. Caught in the crossfire between the Viet Cong and the U.S. forces, many joined the Viet Cong. Others tended to their young guide, who had been injured in the fight. When he awakened again, the young farmer lead his few remaining followers deeper and deeper into the tunnels, where they took up residence.

Only recently have the Awakened discovered the Tai Hoi Li. Most are at a loss what to do with them and puzzled by their lifestyle.


Those mages that have discovered the Tai Hoi Li find them friendly at first, but very defensive about their inner workings and the tunnel systems they live in. What is known that their original leader still guides them, calling himself Tai Hoi. Many speculate what Tai Hoi's goals are, but no definite answer has been found.

The Tai Hoi Li are a community as well as a craft. Many have born children that know nothing but the tunnels. These children are often malformed and blind, with only pale skin where their eyes should be. Tai Hoi Li born in the tunnels never leave them. Many members have gouged out their own eyes and bear these scars openly.