The Setite methuselah whose name is variously transcribed as Ta-urt, Taweret, or Tawaret, is a direct childe of Set himself. She is worshipped as a goddess by the Cult of Taweret.


The goddess Ta-urt is commonly associated with fertility, childbirth, and black magic. Her Founding Temple, the Palace of Veils, is located at Kharga Oasis and renowned for its focus on the Path of Ecstasy. Little is known of Ta-urt's actual activities, but what is known is that she had an enmity with Kemintiri and sought to reclaim every last drop of vitae from her. In a battle at the Red Sea between the two methuselahs, Ta-urt managed to defeat Kemintiri with the aid of loyal Setite Sorcerers, although they were unable to claim the rogue Setite's body.

Since then, it has been assumed that Ta-urt lies in torpor at the temple dedicated to her, which is still overseen by one of her lineage.


  • Ta-urt, Tawaret, and Taweret are all valid transcriptions of the hieroglyphic Tȝ-wrt. The name Ta-urt, however, appears in a genealogy that traces her directly back to Set
  • For the hippopotamus goddess of the same name, who is occasionally invoked in Akhu, see Taweret


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