Szechenyi Jolán is a Vlaszy revenant who was Embraced into the Tzimisce clan. She was one of the most knowledgeable experts in Tzimisce history and traditions. 


Nicknamed as the Mother of Horrors because she helped develop a purely discipline-based method of generating the terrible Vozhd war ghouls, Jolán is one of the most loyal defenders of the Tzimisce clan. She originally was born in the service of clan Tzimisce through the Vlaszy family – a Hungarian breed of revenants who once rebelled against (and were destroyed by) their vampiric masters.

In Mexico City, she supervises the breeding of revenants. Currently, the Tzimisce is collecting children born with major birth defects. She corrects the deformities of some of the adoptees so they can farm and support the others. The strongest and healthiest grow up to become her ghoul bodyguards. On rare occasions, she will Embrace one of them. These childer are her coven and she will destroy any Cainite who enters her village. Jolán protects her children and her children protect her.

She started collecting these deformed children out of the belief that they are the best candidates to produce revenants, which would possess a greater potential for Vicissitude. She hopes to one day capture a werewolf or other shapeshifter and breed it into her flock, so it will unlock the secret of changing the human form into the perfect mutability. Jolán believes this achievement will establish her as a paragon of her clan.

Jolán prefers to look young, beautiful, and somewhat human, but with some differences. Her body has avian wings and the legs of a harpy. Her hair often has a snake-like Medusa appearance. She seldom wears more than a simple white robe. Jolán also keeps a half-dozen ghoul bodyguards nearby, which she reshapes to look like icons of masculine beauty from Ancient Greece or semi-human mythological creatures.

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