Synergy is an advantage used by the Bound. While Psyche represents the strength of the bond between the human and the geist, Synergy represents the balance of the bond and how well aligned the goals of the two parts of the Bound are.

It replaces the Morality advantage used by normal humans.

Sins Against SynergyEdit

Synergy 10: Opening an Avernian Gate; entering the Underworld.

Synergy 9: Using plasm from a deathmask; violating an Old Law.

Synergy 8: Closing an Avernian Gate.

Synergy 7: Destroying a charm or fetter; using the Pit Manifestation.

Synergy 6: Destroying a ghost or Avernian Gate, ectophagia (eating of ghosts).

Synergy 5: Destroying a vanitas, reviving a dead person.

Synergy 4: Destroying a memorabilia or deathmask; accidental murder or manslaughter.

Synergy 3: Destroying a keystone; destroying a geist.

Synergy 2: Torture; serial murder.

Synergy 1: Mass murder; suicide attempt; attempting to destroy one's own geist.

The WretchedEdit

When a Bound drops to 0 Synergy (usually only accomplished by successive deaths), they become one of the Wretched. The two parts of the Bound are totally seperate, and both the human and the geist constantly battle for control over the body. Often neither remembers the time spent under the control of the other.

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