Sylvia Kilver is one of the Tremere within the Cairo Chantry, whose dealings with the Followers of Set have resulted in a unique Path of Thaumaturgy.


Originally born Hartford to a professor of Egyptology in Yale, Kilver began to interest herself for ancient cultures and was excited when her father invited her to accompain him on a trip to Egypt. When they returned to the United States, World War I had erupted and her father was killed in one of the trenches.

Following her fathers death, Kilver remained behind, caring for her grieving mother, and sold his collection of Egyptian artifacts for a regular income. During one of these transactions, Kilver met a member of the Hartford Chantry and was captivated by the cultured mannerism of the woman before her, who was in turn fascinated by Kilver's persistence and enduring will. After an apprenticeship as a ghoul, word came from Vienna that Kilver had deserved the Embrace.

After her introduction into the Clan, Kilver was further introduced into a secret society within the Clan by her sire, known as the Eyes of the Serpent, who worshipped the Serpent for its perfection in form. Under the command of this society, Kilver was sent to Cairo in order to further research of Egyptian blood magic. She and her regent, Konrad von Aupfholm, however, did not get along with each other and so Kilver turned to the sorceress Kahina in exchange for knowledge.

Under pressure from the Eyes of the Serpent, Kilver traded more and more informations with Kahina, learning about Akhu and eventually digesting a living asp in order to develop the thaumaturgical path "Soul of the Serpent", which she hopes will earn her the respect from her superiors both in the Pyramid and the Eyes of the Serpent.

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