Swords at Dawn is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Lost. It expands the options available to players for character development in a chronicle.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

The Rising Sun of Change
A new day is coming. It could be for better, or it could be for worse. The tides of change are sweeping across the Hedge. Alliances crumble. New oaths are forged. What will remain the same, and what will be lost forever as a new day dawns?
A Character Book for Changeling: The Lost™
  • Details on the wars and conflicts of the Lost.
  • Talecrafting and Fate as means to expand a character’s legend.
  • Glorious objects and terrible relics from legend and dream.
  • The Court of Dawn and new Entitlements reflecting the aspects of change.

Prologue: Red Sky at Morning Edit

Fiction. An Autumn courtier of the Office of the Vizieral Counsel is strongarmed into rebellion against Grandfather Thunder by his Summer and Winter motley mates.

Introduction Edit

A summary of the book, including a chapter breakdown.

Chapter One: Duels at Dawn Edit

This chapter addresses conflict, and how it might affect the lives of those Lost caught up in the bloody birth of a new day. Here is information on large-scale conflict and Hedgefire wars, on the many traditions of dueling that exist among changeling society, and even of the magic that’s used to survive such things. 

Chapter Two: The Loom of Fate Edit

The Loom of Fate addresses the patterns of destiny, narrative or otherwise. Changeling is a game about modern fairy tales in some fashion, and here are presented ways for the Lost to perceive the threads of fate that run through their stories, perhaps even altering them to change the outcome of their tales. 

Chapter Three: Things of Legend Edit

In this chapter are tokens powerful enough to alter the tales of those around them, as well as tools and magic for the aspiring oneiromancer

Chapter Four: The Coming Dawn Edit

The final chapter addresses dawn and change as themes in the most direct fashion, with advice and scenarios given for chronicles facing intense conflict. Also provided is information on the Dawn Court and four new Entitlements. 

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