The Sword of Tethra is a legendary Treasure of the Fomorians.

Overview Edit

The Sword of Tethra made its appearance in the Second Battle of Moytura, wielded by the fomorian Indech Oneira-Osseus, scion of the then nascent White Court and hunts marshal for King Tethra of the Emerald Dream. After The Morrigan defied Fate and aided Ogma in slaying the fomorian general, his son, Octriallach, swore vengeance and disappeared. Ogma’s descendants and the worshipers of the Morrigan vied to protect the Sword. Tradition held that if Indech’s blade was ever drawn again, it would signal the end of the Dreaming. At the very least, those foolish enough to touch it died horribly, their souls cast into howling darkness. The conflict was temporarily solved when the two sides agreed to protect it jointly in Caer Mathgen. After the later War of Trees, however, the surrounding Blotkeldur Plains had become a poisonous swamp. As House Gwydion departed the nearer Dreamrealms, the members insisted the sword accompany them into Arcadia. The Morphean Oracles foresaw calamity if the sword entered the Heart of the Dreaming, however, and the Scathach attacked the Gwydion attempting to move it. During the ensuing bloodshed, the blade disappeared into the surrounding Dreaming. Did Scathach seers, reputedly among the best in the Dreaming, not see this coming? Who can say? Perhaps despite the horror of Indech’s blade being lost to that gloomy realm, they saw it as the lesser of two evils. With the White Court’s recent awakening, the fae may soon learn the unpleasant truth of the matter.

References Edit

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