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Swan Maidens are a recently-emerged kith born from dreams of romance and true love.

Swan Maidens are native to Italy, France, and parts of Germany, though they can be found world-wide. They are naturally drawn towards places of great beauty. In appearance, swan maidens of all genders tend to be delicate, androgynous, and predisposed to elaborate attire. Their fae mien reveals elegant wings merged with their arms, with feathers of black, white or gray.

Birthrights and Frailties

Affinity: Actor

Revelry: Romance, both happy endings and tragic ones

Unleashing: accompanied by a soft glow, sweet smells and gently falling feathers.


Swan's Blessing: Swan Maidens receive an extra dot in both Dexterity and Appearance, even if this would take them above five. They cannot botch Etiquette or Performance rolls. The Winged Merit costs only two points.

Love Conquers All: If the swan maiden is currently in love, she may think of her beloved and spend a Glamour to reduce the difficulty of all rolls in the scene, or to receive automatic successes. If she has the True Love merit, the benefits of this Birthright are enhanced, but if she is not currently in love, she cannot benefit from it.


Profound Loss: the end of a loving relationship is a Banality trigger.

Mantle of the Maiden: Swan Maidens cannot use Love Conquers All or regain Willpower for three days following consensual sexual intimacy.

True Love's Curse: If the Swan Maiden has the True Love Merit, either she or her beloved much also acquire the Dark Fate Flaw.


Changeling: The Dreaming kith


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