Sutekhankharen was a Setite active during the Dark Ages and an adherent of the Decadent heresy that sprang from the teachings of the Children of Judas.


Sutekhankharen was noted to have been very adept in the act of corruption and seduction, but less in how these enthralled persons were to be led to the worship of the Lord of Storms. As a result, he clung to Khay'talls heresy, which held the act of corruption above any act of worship. He conducted blood orgies and similar debauched rites, centering solely on pleasure instead on duty.

He voiced this opinion numerous times, in Antioch as well as other places in the Levante. It finally led to his destruction by the hands of his own Clan at an unspecified date in the late 12th century. His surviving progeny, lacking in several aspects of formal education in the faith of the Clan that had been neglected by her sire, was accepted and later formally educated, to remedy Sutekhankharens shortcomings and to erase his memory through her own deeds.


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