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Sutek was one of the gods of the Nameless Empire.


Sutek is a mysterious figure within the Iremite pantheon. Dreams of Avarice describes him as the son of Atum, who stood in opposition to the Judges of Duat and who brought the desire to rebel and to define selfhood into life. It is Sutek who creates the world, in contrast to the Judges whose only creation is pain and misery. When life first arose from pure Sekhem, Sutek interceded on behalf of it before the Judges and Ammut, who in turn agreed to uplift certain lifeforms to allow them to live according to the Law and formulize the Decree of Will. If they did, they would enter A'aru. If not, they would be consigned to the Devourer. Sutek created Anpu from his left eye to guide the dead and Re from his right eye to remind life of A'aru. From his blood, Sopdet and Nebtet were formed, the two poles of Sekhem within the sky and down in Duat. To create someone to guide the Remet, the Judges tore off Sutek's regenerative organs and formed Azar from it. Sutek, having become powerless through his sacrifices, did not recognize his son and the Judges in turn took to guide Azar. Yet Sutek's Will lives forth through Sekhem and inspires growth, rebellion and self-definition. For this reason, the Judges created the Shan'iatu, who lacked Sekhem of their own and were thus thought immune against Sutek's rebellious influence, to guide the first humans.

Iremite religion did not worship Sutek, although they still acknowledged him in their monuments. The Arisen themselves see Sutek as the Nameless Serpent, who killed Azar in a twisted representation of the Osirian myth cycle. Yet even this distorted version remembers his role in achieving A'aru and the Ladder of Sutek is known as a metaphor for Apotheosis. Sutek's coutenance was closer to its Egyptian representation, as it was represented in Irem in the structure known as the "Lord of the Horizon" and in the sha that guided the Arisen after the first Sothic Turn.