Supernal Summoning, properly called Ars Obstestatio by Awakened scholars, is one of the Forms of Magic acknowledged by modern Mages.

The power of summoning beings from the Supernal into the Fallen World is rare, but practiced. When summoning a Supernal being, the mage tries to create a connection from the Fallen World to the Supernal Realms that allows one of the beings within the Realm to manifest by channeling his Path into a summoning circle that wards off the atmosphere of the Quiescence. The surrounding area should be in tune with the associated Realm (e.g a cemetery for Stygia, a ring of mushrooms in an unspoiled forest for Arcadia, etc.). Supernal Summoning has grave dangers in the form of the Abyss, who can invade the Fallen world through the opening created by the mage’s path. Mages have furthermore to pass a Trial to show themselves worthy of the summoned being's aid. To summon a Supernal creature demands at least a Disciple proficiency of the chosen Arcanum.

The following are the Supernal beings that can be summoned:

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