The Sun-Walking Knights are a convenant of vampires and ghouls in which the ghouls hold dominant political power.

History Edit

The Knights originated in French Guiana, after a bloody conflict between the Ordo Dracul and the Circle of the Crone devastated the Kindred community. The survivors of both sides banded together into L'Ombre Sans Nom, and managed to find a way to attenuate (though not remove) their Clan curses. But the ritual came with a side effect: while the Vitae of a L'Ombre member was still powerfully addictive to mortals, it no longer formed a blood-bond. Ghouls affiliated with L'Ombre were thus free to rise up and demand equal treatment. The name "Sun-Walking Knight" was initially only applied to the ghouls, but as their power increased, it became associated (ironically) with Kindred members as well.

Overview Edit

The freighul (free ghouls) of the Knights wield ultimate power in the covenant, and often the Kindred members are little more than blood donors. That suits many of them, ranging from shell-shocked neonates to those who feel their Clan curse weighs on them particularly hard. Mortal vessels who would normally be called blood dolls by other covenants are called "Pillars" by the Knights, and they too have their rights and obligations. The traditions of the Knights are meant to enforce, if not true equality, then at least cooperation and some measure of trust among the these three factions: the Pillars provide blood to the Kindred, the Kindred provide Vitae to the freighul, and the freighul provide both with protection and resources.

Leaders of the Knights are democratically elected, and many of their most important rites involve contracts signed in blood. Roles are not set in stone: a Pillar may decide to become a freighul, or a freighul may decide to get Embraced as their personal goals and the needs of the covenant change. They actively proselytize to other Kindred communities, though their message is a hard sell for many Kindred who cannot comprehend this power-sharing thing. The Carthian Movement is perhaps the most sympathetic to the Knights's message, and Knights have a decently high opinion of the Carthians--if only they'd give up that pesky blood bond...

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