The Summer Court is one of the four main courts of changelings found in Changeling: The Lost. The members of the Summer Court are renowned as seekers of strength and power, ready to protect the changelings from any foe, but especially those from Faerie. Summer changelings are just as likely to be politicians or intellectuals as they are warriors, so long as they can beat back a foe in some manner.


The founder of the court is Sam Noblood, who is said to have hunted down Summer himself to secure a promise to endorse Sam's court.

The changelings of the Summer Court are those most willing to fight; some toy with foes before going in for the kill, while others favor a more direct and brutal approach. A few among the Summer Court are specialized in fighting other supernatural creatures to protect changeling interests. Potential members are tested through a series of arduous physical tasks that must be passed before they are allowed to enter.

The most common and frequent rituals of the Summer Court are simple contests of physical skill between two or more changelings, mostly to burn off energy and anger, but also to create an unofficial court pecking order when it comes to certain talents. The Summer Court has also taken to creating similar skill competitions for other courts to compete in during their appropriate seasons; these may not always involve physical skill, but intellectual pursuits, magic, and so on, so long as the element of competition is involved.

Associated Powers


  • The contract of Fleeting Summer allows the changeling to alter the violent and angry feelings of others.
  • The contract of Eternal Summer grants the user the ability to control the heat and sun of the season.
  • The contract of Punishing Summer allows the caster to manipulate the tools of wrath: war and combat. 


The Mantle of a Summer courtier reflects the heat of summer. As it rises, heat distortions in the air and the sensation of a dry wind are common. At higher levels, those nearby may begin to feel dried out themselves.

Court Variants

Dry Season

Also known as Foresummer or Dry Summer, this variant of the Summer Court represents the emotion of rage, a twist on wrath that takes after the sparking of dry vegetation into a conflagration. The Mantle of such changelings bears features such as skin fractured like desiccated earth; a Mantle of clay, sandstone, desert sands, and brittle brush.

Monsoon Season

Also known as Hurricane Season, the Wet Season, or Wet Summer, this variant represents a more personal wrath: the wrath of vengeance. Much as the rains of this season run long, so too does this anger fester. The changelings of Monsoon Season are stormy, featuring sodden Mantles — hair wet and tangled, eyes sobbing tears that will not cease, voices like the dull roar of rain or the booming break of thunder.


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