Suleiman ibn Abdullah, childe of Abdullah of clan Lasombra, was the founder and mullah of the Ashirra sect - rumored to have been a disciple of the Prophet Muhammad himself.


Rumors tell that Suleiman first approached Muhammad in Medina in order to make him a pawn to use against the powerful Cainites of Mecca. Suleiman himself retold that in this moment, he saw the possibility of salvation within him and submitted to the new religion the prophet spread. Later, he stood by his side during his conquests and was one of the main founders of the Sharia El-Sama.

After the prophet had died, he saw it as his main goal to convert as many Cainites as possible to grant them the possibility of redemption before Allah. To this end, he manipulated and strengthened the various Muslim dynasties that rose in the aftermath and tried to unify the various vampires of the Arabian peninsula under his banner, although several even within his own ranks, such as Khalid ibn Sahl, opposed him.

Suleiman ibn Abdullah remained the mullah of the Ashirra up to the Final Nights, having his personal haven near Medina, his home city.

Character SheetEdit

Suleiman ibn Abdullah, Mullah of the Ashirra
Sire: Abdullah
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Director
Generation: 7th
Embrace: 299
Apparent Age: Mid 40′s


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