Suleiman the Wise, often anglicized as Solomon, was a powerful mage and king of Israel in the tenth century BCE.

The Order of Hermes identify Suleiman as a student of the Cult of Thoth and a practitioner of Hermetic-style magic. His grimoires The Greater Key of Solomon and The Lesser Key of Solomon remain fundamental Hermetic texts. Suleiman is also acknowledged by the Taftani for devising the basic rotes for binding djinn during the War of Enslavement. These rotes, as well as his observations about djinn and other spirits, were recorded in the Solomonic Code.

The War of Enslavement or the 10,000 Djinni Plague began after construction of the Temple of Jerusalem was completed. Suleiman had the temple built at the confluence of several ley lines; this, and his increasingly sophisticated grasp of magic, provoked the djinni to attack en masse. Suleiman had worked out how to bind djinni, however, and rapidly spread that knowlege across the Middle East, guaranteeing the djinni a humiliating defeat.

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