Sulabik the Death-Maker is a Onceborn Malfean who is featured in Orpheus. He represents the concept and sin of wrath.

One of the more powerful Onceborn, Sulabik is unusually charismatic for a Malfean, and has a cadre of loyal troops, including more Hekatonkhire than any other Malfean. It was his charisma that also turned many formerly-human Spectres against Grandmother, leading her to use only Spectres she creates directly from her own person (such as Sparagmoi), or ones whose will she can utterly destroy and use as puppets (such as Lawgivers).

Sulabik's powers are limited by his form; while he is gigantic like the other Malfeans, he is skeletal and physically weak, perhaps because he makes his home in the Labyrinth near to the Well of the Void.


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