Suchid is a term used by the Mokolé shapeshifters to describe their reptilian form. The term may also apply to describe a breed of Mokolé born from two reptilian parents.


When capitalized, the term Suchid refers to the reptilian form of a Mokolé. When not capitalized, it refers to a Mokolé born from two reptilian parents.

Suchid breedEdit

A suchid breed Mokolé is hatched from a reptile egg. Civilized homids often consider the suchids’ views on the world to be blatant, brutal, and crudely laced with self-interest. In actuality, suchid are capable of subtler thoughts than “slaying and breeding” (or “fighting and fucking”). When in throes of reptilian frenzy, however, immediate gratification of the id and ego are a suchid’s primary concerns, confirming the breed’s base reputation. (Beginning Gnosis: 4)

Suchid formEdit

Each stream of the Mokolé contains a specific Suchid reptilian form, called “Varna” which are most commonly associated with that stream. Because of vastly different sizes and body shapes, a Mokolé’s Rage and statistics for its Suchid form are both determined by its varna.


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