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The five Subtle Arcana are the Arcana which represent concepts in the abstract rather than physical sense. They generally manipulate intangible or entirely supernatural forces or ideas, rather than the matter or energy of the physical world, though they may influence those things indirectly. Subtle Arcana are rooted strongly in the Supernal Realms, and earn their name because their influence on the Fallen World is so subtle as to be undetectable by the unawakened. Subtle Arcana also have strong ties to the Shadow and objects and beings in Twilight.

Each of the Supernal Realms are ruled by a matched pair of Subtle and Gross Arcana; each pair are the material and subtle expressions of one metaphysical concept.

The Subtle Arcana, with their ruling Realm and Gross pairs, are:


Mage: The Awakening Arcana

Subtle Arcana: Prime · Fate · Mind · Spirit · Death
Gross Arcana: Forces · Time · Space · Life · Matter