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The Stygian Heralds are a Legacy that is dedicated to the recalling and harnessing the powers of fallen heroes. As a result, Ghosts are often hostile to them.


The Stygian Heralds were founded by a Moros who was studying several unusual Artifacts recovered from mystically sealed vault beneath Uchisar, Turkey. After months of study, the Moros came to the conclusion that the Artifacts were somehow still bound to their dead owners. The Artifacts seemed to draw energy from a different realm; in them he found the mystical signature of the leaden oppressiveness of Stygia and the echoing eternity of the Underworld. Feeling that he was close to a real breakthrough, the willworkers enlisted the help of several other Moros to assist him in the continuation of his work.

A few mages, prompted by jealousy (or so the Heralds believe), declared that the founder must have been a Tremere. They suggest that only someone with in-depth knowledge of how to trap and manipulate a soul could have developed magical means of compelling the shades of the dead, of ripping them from wherever it is they rest. The Stygian Heralds refuted the idea, pointing to the fact that the founder died of natural causes: An unlikely event for a Tremere. Another group of mages posit that the first of the Heralds was a descendant of the Orphean tradition, citing the mythological character as one of the few mages to ever descend to the Underworld and return intact. The Heralds openly scoff at this theory, rightly pointing out that no one is sure exactly from whence the practices of the Legacy call the dead souls. It's just as likely the shades are drawn from the Supernal, or even the Astral Realms, as from the Underworld. Still, the Heralds are a mistrusted lot and have have never grown to the same prominence as other Legacies.