Strohmann is an old Nosferatu antitribu who styles himself as the Archbishop of Berlin. Some rumors tie him to the Samedi.


Born in the Holy Roman Empire, Strohmann was Embraced in Constantinople under unknown circumstances in the late 13th century.

Strohmann was one of the first European vampires to captain a vessel to the New World, becoming known as a Cainite adept in moving vampires overseas. His covert sideline in escorting vampire refugees earned him a wealth in territory and boons, with some members of Clans Salubri and Cappadocian parting with all worldly wealth to buy his services. He also trafficked in humans, running a slave ship from Africa to the Caribbean. Strohmann is known to have Embraced bound slaves, to see a fledgling turn and feed on the mortal fastened beside, thus replicating the Embrace repeatedly down a line. Some believe that he accidentally Embraced a vodounista, who was transformed into the first Samedi.

For unknown reasons, Strohmann was forbidden from the North American continent by a near unheard of joint agreement by Cardinal Radu Bistri and Hardestadt in 1820. Since that time, Strohmann has concentrated on marshaling Sabbat forces in central Europe. He has recently taken up residence following the departure of Heinrich Himmler, making his lair in an abandoned Iraqi embassy in East Berlin. Strohmann is known to have worked together with the infernalist Dylan Bruce and is open for further cooperation with members of the Red List for his own advancement. He claims to have been involved in the Final Death of Baba Yaga, but few know if he tells the truth.

Strohmann's goal in Berlin is not only to claim the city for the Sabbat, but also to find the hidden methuselah Melitta Wallenberg and diablerize her.


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