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Written by: Bill Bridges, Phil Brucato, Brian Campbell, Sean Lang, Mike Tinney, and Stephan Wieck
Development: Mike Tinney and Stephan Wieck, with Andrew "Rudolf the Red" Greenberg and Bill "Blanka" Bridges
Editing: Robert Hatch
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Cover Art: Kevin Murphy
Layout and Design: Michelle Prahler
Maps: Chris McDonough
Art: John Bridges, Darryl Elliott, Tony Harris, Jeff Rebner, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Jennifer Yuh
Colorist: Larry Schnelli
Special thanks to: David & Martha's class: Andreas, Anthony, Billy, Brendan, Caroline, Carry, Dave, David, DP, Elena, Elizabeth, Genni, Harding, Katie, Kelly G., Kelly M., Kyle, Laura, Lindsay H., Lindsay I., Michael, Mike, Mollye, Nick, Olivia, Pat, Rachel, Rae, Richie, Rob, and Sean for their help in playtesting this game.
Valerie Thiltgen and Alex Jimenex at Capcom, USA for their outstanding support, which made this book possible.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: June 17, 1994
Pages: 184
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-118-6
Price: $14.95

The Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game Rulebook is the core rulebook for Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game. It includes statistics for all characters from Capcom's Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II, with information on their signature fighting styles to allow players to create their own characters using these special martial arts techniques. The exceptions are the Shadaloo-affiliated characters M. Bison (Dictator), Vega (Claw) and Sagat, all of whom would instead appear as Storyteller characters in the sourcebook Secrets of Shadaloo, along with their respective martial arts styles.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Now there's a new way to play Street Fighter!
Join the action as the World Warriors pit their mystic martial arts abilities against the evil crime empire of Shadaloo. Take on the role of Ryu, Guile, Blanka, Cammy or one of the other World Warriors as you battle across the legions of Shadaloo and the supreme crime boss himself, M. Bison. Or create your own Street Fighter, choose your own special powers, and carve your own legend among the ranks of the Street Fighters.
This book details the world of Street Fighter as you've never before seen it. Explore a high-action world of adventure and danger in and out of the martial arts arenas. Visit exotic locations around the world and fight each country's champions, as your own Street Fighter strives to attain the rank of World Warrior.
This book includes:
  • Over 100 special combat powers and martial arts techniques — some never seen in the arcade game.
  • Complete stats and expanded background information for the World Warriors such as Blanka, Guile, Ken and the new challengers like Cammy and Dee Jay.
  • Fast-paced combat rules allow you to hold Street Fighter tournaments and brawls with a dozen or more Street Fighters battling it out at the same time.


Chapter One: IntroductionEdit

Chapter Two: SettingEdit

Chapter Three: RulesEdit

Chapter Four: Character CreationEdit

Chapter Five: Traits and SystemsEdit

Chapter Six: StylesEdit

Chapter Seven: Special ManeuversEdit

Chapter Eight: CombatEdit

Chapter Nine: StorytellingEdit

Appendix One: High StakesEdit

Appendix Two: Minions and WarriorsEdit

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