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The Storytelling Adventure System (SAS) is a standard for the online publication of stories for use with White Wolf roleplaying games. The initial releases were for Storytelling System games (i.e. Chronicles of Darkness games), but SAS modules have also been made available for other White Wolf games, including Exalted and Scion. The SAS web site also serves as a forum where Storytellers can discuss their experiences and trade tips and suggestions.


The SAS is designed to allow greater flexibility than more traditional methods of presenting pre-written game modules, and also to be equally useful in print or on screen. To this end, each SAS module is a "story kit", which provides NPCs and scenes with which to tell a story. The Storyteller is also given a "treatment", an overview of the intended plot, mood and theme of the module, and a "plot flow" diagram, which suggests ways in which the scenes might link up. There is also a "stat block" style overview of the module, which gives the number of scenes; an estimate of the challenge represented by the module given as dot ratings out of five for Mental, Physical and Social challenges; and a suggested experience level for player's characters, given as a range of earned experience points in ranges similar to those suggested for various experience levels in the various games.

Characters are described using the standard format used in the various Chronicles of Darkness books, with some elaboration. Scenes are categorised into Encounters, which are triggered by the players, and Events, which are triggered by certain circumstances which may or may not be within the players' control. All scenes are presented in a new, standard format which includes all the mechanical, story and descriptive information. Each scene also gets a "scene card", which summarizes the hindrances and help player characters might face, along with goals for both player characters and the Storyteller.

The new scene format allows the SAS to separate plot and story, allowing for greater customisation and a more natural feel to the story.

Published SAS stories

For the World of Darkness:

For Vampire: The Requiem:

For Werewolf: The Forsaken:

For Mage: The Awakening:

For Promethean: The Created:

For Changeling: The Lost:

For Hunter: The Vigil:

For Geist: The Sin-Eaters:

For Exalted:

For Scion:

Other SAS reference material: