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Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat is the second sourcebook to describe the Sabbat, and serves as a companion to the earlier Players Guide to the Sabbat. The Handbook fleshes out background elements of the sect, and introduces two new Sabbat bloodlines. The book advanced the characterization of the Sabbat as thoroughly infested with infernalists, which persisted until Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition. This book also introduced the notion of Vicissitude as an infection – a concept that was later revisited in a drastically different form in Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Are You Afraid?
One cannot know the vampires of the Sabbat. They are the darkest of the dark, the vampires other vampires fear. Whether they are rabid packs or silent assassins, all undead quake at the thought of their dark ways.
But there is more to this deadly sect than its followers' atrocities. Its secrets go deep, deep into the night. Its intrigues and feuds are as real tonight as they were centuries ago. Surviving against the Sabbat vampires is almost impossible. Surviving as one of them is even harder.
The Sabbat Storytellers Handbook includes:
  • Complete details on running chronicles and stories involving this sect, as well as five stories involving Sabbat characters;
  • Two new bloodlines and the truth about the vile ghoul families who "serve" the Sabbat; and
  • An in-depth look at the Infernal powers corrupting the sect, including a detailed description of the Path of Evil Revelations.


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Sabbat Chronicles

Chapter Three: Politics of the Sabbat

Chapter Four: The Forces of Darkness

Chapter Five: Storytellers Aids

Chapter Six: Quick Start Materials

Chapter Seven: The Stories

Background Information


Memorable Quotes



  • Red Cat
  • Muricia - Gangrel Antitribu, founder of the Ahrimanes bloodline
  • Shannon McLaughlin - Lupine and Vampire Hunter, Ghoul
  • Curtis Soracco - Lupine Hunter, unware that he is Kinfolk
  • Vernis Walker "Lightkeeper" - Fianna Philodox Homid, Garou, leader of the Sunstringers pack
  • Samuel Haight
  • Carl Wisor - Ventrue
  • Tully Jones - Brujah ally of Wisor
  • Alex Silverson - Prince of Birmingham, Alabama
  • Erasmos Gallister - Ventrue
  • Gregory Roiters - Tremere
  • Bartholomew - Kiasyd
  • King Snake - Brujah
  • Ischin - Orphaned Incarna
  • Clois Lampher - Tzimisce
  • Dr. Steven Hargett - Tzimisce

The Anarchs

  • Eddie Karnotski (Stickman) - Brujah
  • Homer Fralish (Horse) - Brujah
  • Sophia Watson - Gangrel
  • Brenton Dickens - Brujah
  • Hanna Redmonds (Angel) - Caitiff

The Crypt-ticks

  • Jack Knife - Malkavian antitribu
  • Tony Hodo (Leatherback) - Brujah antitribu
  • Leo Washington - Gangrel antitribu
  • Dancer - Ventrue antitribu
  • Jose Sadillo - Ravnos antitribu

The Night Crew (Anarch Gang)

  • Berthel Ward - Brujah
  • Bobby Lemon - Gangrel
  • Thomas Jurras - Toreador
  • Lorell Herndon - Brujah
  • Dorsey Bohannon - Brujah
  • Torrance Urich - Leader of the Night Crew, Brujah

The Watchdogs

  • Maria Stone - Gangrel antitribu
  • Nettie Hale - Ahrimane
  • Juanita Santiago - Ahrimane
  • High Top - Black Fury Metis, Garou, also part of the Whisper pack (Black Furies)


  • Dorian - Brujah antitribu, Sabbat priest
  • Lauren Duncan - Gangrel antitribu
  • Gunner - Malkavian antitribu
  • Roach - Nosferatu antitribu
  • Jazz Murphy - Ventrue antitribu
  • Yvette Cole - Assamite antitribu

Sample Packs of Sabbat

The Ravens
  • Desiree Traville - Lasombra
  • Jeremiah Noble (Jeremy) - Brujah antitribu
  • Martha Long - Tzimisce
  • Cristos Mantigo - Toreador antitribu
  • Pamela Ford - Lasombra
The Dead Gypsies
  • Harry Reese - Gangrel antitribu
  • Guss "Redbone" McCray - Toreador antitribu
  • Ruth Cole - Assamite antitribu
  • Lula Burch - Gangrel antitribu
  • Little Willie - Ventrue antitribu


  • Barliagus the Cataboligne
  • Grantel the Mandragora
  • Lucricia the Succubus
  • Nubarus, Grand Vizier of the Infernal Realms
  • Tivilio, the Injurer of Cats

Sabbat Stereotypes

  • Archbishop
  • Bishop
  • Black Hand Agent
  • Black Hand Removers (Assassins)
  • Black Hand Dominion
  • Blood Brother
  • Coven Member (New)
  • Coven Member (Experienced)
  • Coven Member (Veteran)
  • Infernal Diabolist (Tainted Soul)
  • Infernal Diabolist (Fully Corrupted)
  • Sabbat Inquisitor
  • Lasombra Manipulator
  • New Recruit
  • Nomadic Sabbat (New)
  • Nomadic Sabbat (Experienced)
  • Nomadic Sabbat (Veteran)
  • Paladin (Templar)
  • Priscus
  • Scout (Novice)
  • Scout (Expert)
  • Tzimisce Torturer


Ahrimanes, Kiasyd, Revenants, Ducheski, Bratovitcthes, Grimaldis, Obertus, Zantosa, Ghoul, Hell Hound, Zombies

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