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The Storyteller, sometimes abbreviated to "ST", is the player in a game using the Storyteller or Storytelling game systems who generates the chronicles, plays the role of storyteller characters, and runs the game. The role is equivalent to the Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons games, or Game Masters in other roleplaying games.

Online chats

NB-Storyteller.gif JC-Storyteller.gif
Storyteller icons in New Bremen and Jade City.

Many online chats use "Storytellers," usually multiple Storytellers. Their duties involve sanctioning characters to ensure they understand the rules and are playing appropriate characters, as well as creating storylines and plots for players to play through. Unlike a traditional RPG, most players aren't required to play in these storylines. If no STs are available, players are encouraged to roleplay on their own, thus creating a persistent world like those found in many MMORPGs.

Due to the number of STs required for most online chats, a hierarchy typically develops. For example, Storytellers may have Assistant STs, who "presanction" character sheets, as well as assisting Storytellers with other clerical issues. Assistant-hood is typically used as a sort of apprenticeship as a way to becoming a full ST later.

To use New Bremen as an example, a given Assistant may or may not have any specified duties. They might nominally be in charge of the Order of Hermes, or they may merely help their patron ST when required.

The majority of STs on the "front line" will have specific duties, for example a Storyteller who oversees one or more Assistants may be in charge of all the science-based Traditions: the Order of Hermes, Sons of Ether and Virtual Adepts.

Above them are STs in charge of a given "venue," referring to a game line, such as a Storyteller who oversees the Mage: The Ascension venue. They may not have as much direct contact with the players, but oversee the direction of their venue as a whole. Such Storytellers are often referred to as "Head STs."

At the top of the pyramid are one or two STs who direct the chat environment (such as New Bremen) as a whole, in much the same way as a Head ST, but with a larger scope.