Doctor Steven Young is a patient, and former staff member, of the Warren Whalen Mental Asylum.


But we’re making all these reports, wasting whole forests of paper, collecting diamonds on a beach. Just in case a boat shows up and picks us up, we’ll be rich. But is that likely?
  — Doctor Young, regarding the endless paperwork

Originally a doctor working at the Warren Whalen Asylum, Young was greatly dissatisfied with his work, primarily due to what he saw as unnecessary bureaucracy — paperwork there for no reason but to obstruct. Meanwhile, there was no budget to actually fix any of the problems plaguing the institution.

Young kept his mind off of the tragedies he saw and experienced, for example, the death of his co-worker Tracy, by keeping himself active, though he disliked the behavior. As he was a psychiatric doctor, he was well aware of why he did so, rendering the behavior not a valid response in his mind.

During his treatment of Angie, the girl planted doubts in his mind as to the nature of the sixth floor of the facility, which supposedly did not exist. Angie indicated that the administration (not of the facility, but of the people) kept track of the workers' and patients' "place in the maze" by the endless paperwork. Partly on a whim, Young tried to get to the sixth floor and came into contact with the Administrator, a shadowy being he described as "too tall for the corridor".

Currently, following his encounter with the Administrator, Steven Young is being institutionalized himself.


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