Stephen Lenoir is a Lasombra antitribu native to London.


Lenoir came to London during the Anarch Revolt on orders by his sire, hoping to find shelter from his raving clan members. Initially, he was distrusted and regarded as a potential spy of the apostate Clan and only Mithras' direct protection saved him from destruction.

Over time, Lenoir managed to insert himself into Kindred society with a combination of humor and keeping himself above the intrigues of the London Kindred so that no one had a reason to have a grudge against him. He began to patronize young Kindred who came into the city alone and without a guide, much to the annoyance of Valerius, Mithras' seneschal. He also became quite adept of integrating ex-Sabbat members into Camarilla structures and managed to destroy nearly all spies sent along with them, earning the respect of the vampire community. When a pack of Lasombra came to London to diablerize him, nearly a dozen Kindred worked together to protect Lenoir.

Lenoir prefers to stay at the hubs of London infrastructure and is an ally of Anne Bowesley's claim to princedom.

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