Stephen Escher is a British financier and Jon Dear's supervisor. In June 2012 he discovered he was an agent of the God-Machine after reading a book called Golden Truths by Myles de Selby.

On June 18th, in a letter to "Frances," Stephen describes the book as he found it. Three days later Stephen wrote a letter to Mr. Theleme describing a revelation he had while reading de Selby. The God-Machine is capitalism, Stephen claims, and thus he has always worshiped it. He now sees messages from the God-Machine everywhere, and believes that these messages will lead him towards tremendous profits. He mentions that he can force Jon to help him, because Jon is on the verge of getting fired.

On July 1, Stephen entered the mysteriously abandoned apartment building across the street from his and discovered a room full of life-like mannequins. Two days later he returned, and was intercepted by an angel, who explained that the original Stephen Escher had been transformed into a mindless slave of the God-Machine while the mannequin version was turned loose to enact a more subtle plan. Except, for some reason, the Stephen mannequins kept returning to this facility--in fact, the Stephen being shown this was the ninth Stephen Escher the facility had produced, in hopes of correcting the flaw.

Stephen came to realized that Jon and Mary were part of the God-Machine's plan, and tried to bring them to the same facility. However, he was stopped by Sergeant Fox, who deactivated him and Mary and then escorted Jon from the room.


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