Stephen Bateson was a Tzimisce infiltrator of the Tremere chantry of Hong Kong before the city passed back into Kuei-jin control. Before Thrace fled the city, Bateson lived in the Tremere chantry in the Western District on Hollywood Road, but he had several boltholes throughout Hong Kong and Kowloon.


Originally a quick-study improv actor, Bateson was recruited by the Sabbat for his intelligence and talent. As the childe of the Priscus of Toronto, he enjoyed a great education on Kindred society, for his sire made sure his protegé learned even the arts of Thaumaturgy. Bateson was eventually tasked with infiltrating the Tremere base in Hong Kong with forged papers from the London chantry.

Regent Thrace quickly accepted the neonate, as the Chantry had been undermanned for years. In addition, Bateson also gathered intelligence on the Kuei-jin, using Vicissitude to pose as a native. He learned tidbits of their lore, most importantly the coming of the Sixth Age. However, the ties of his Vaulderie are fading, and he begins to wonder if the risks he takes are worth the potential payoff. 

Bateson's fate following Thrace's defection is not known.


Stephen is short (5'5") and slim, with dark-brown hair and eyes. As the "Tremere" Stephen Bateson, he dresses conservatively and inconspicuously. He moves so as not to call attention to himself. He behaves deferentially toward Thrace; usually, Stephen succeeds so well that he is ignored. His Oriental persona is even shorter and stockier and dresses like a Hong Kong middle-class white-collar worker.

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