The Steaming Spear of Vengeance is a powerful Treasure of House Balor.

Overview Edit

Long ago, Lugh Long-Arm used a magical spear to put out Balor's eye. In response, the craftsmen of House Balor have been constructing a return blow for whomever rules the Seelie when war comes. Known as the Steaming Spear of Vengeance, it uses a spearhead similar to Balor's bane. Wound up with powerful enchantments, the spear is filled with anger that makes it a blood-seeker. "Vengeance" is so powerful that its head must be constantly immersed in water because it melts whatever it touches and its shaft must be kept chained to a manacle sunk deep in stone to prevent it from flying off in search of prey.

System Edit

The spear is intended to be wielded by House Balor's greatest champion and can be controlled by the will of its wielder. (Willpower roll, difficulty 6 for a Balor sidhe; difficulty 7 for another Unseelie; difficulty 8 for any Seelie.) Damage dealt is Strength + 8. It also gives its wielder the equivalent of an Oakenshield cantrip (Primal 3) with 6 successes.

References Edit

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