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Status is a Background in the Storyteller System and a Merit in the Storytelling System. It reflects a characters membership or position in a particular social structure.

Storytelling System

The Status merit can be bought multiple times to reflect status in different groups, communities or organizations. Dots in status confer certain advantages

  • They can be added as a bonus to social rolls involving members of that group.
  • They afford access to that group's resources or facilities (within limits)
  • They can potentially block another character's use of social merits like Allies, Mentor and Contacts.

Status must be maintained through regular contact, however.

Example: Stacy has dots in Status (Organized Crime). This helps her charm, manipulate or intimidate gang members, and she can prevent the police chief from utilizing his Contacts(Criminal Informant) by intimidating the guy into silence. She can also call in the occasional favor in order to get access to weapons, cash, or discrete medical attention. But to maintain these dots she has to stay on the good side of the gang's leaders, and that may mean participating in some of their more unsavory activities. [1]