Star-of-Eagles was a Powhatan shaman who made the journey east to the Mistridge Tribunal. He became one of the founders of the Dreamspeakers Tradition.

While traveling in the Umbra, Star-of-Eagles crossed paths with Naioba, a shaman from Great Zimbabwe who was battling plague-spirits that had stricken her country. The two were nearly slain by one of the white ghost spirits, but together managed to fend it off.

Star-of-Eagles was later contacted by Nightshade of the Verbena, who invited him to the Second Mistridge Convocation. There, he met Naioba again, and the two agreed to represent a new Tradition of shamans and spirit workers, the Dreamspeakers. They married on October 14, 1456 CE, and had three children together.

At the Grand Convocation in Horizon, the joint leadership of Naioba and Star-of-Eagles helped the Dreamspeakers cohere as a group. In 1464 Naioba was assassinated by a Dreamspeaker barabbus who hoped to fracture the Tradition and thus weaken the Council. However, if anything, her death served to solidify the Dreamspeakers: Star-of-Eagles was the first to hold the Seat of Spirit, and he sent his children to be fostered in foreign lands in order to learn about the many different customs his Tradition encompassed.

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