Stannum is the Refinement of Tin, or Torment. Those Prometheans who practice it believe that resisting Torment and Disquiet only serves to increase the pain those conditions bring.

Prometheans who follow Stannum are truly among the most tormented of their kind; unable to find solace because of the very natures of their existence, they choose to channel and use their anger and hatred rather than let it control them. Most who follow the Refinement of Tin were victims of terrible violence at some point in their existence, either at the hands of their creator, other Prometheans, or, most likely, humans. Sometimes, however, it is simply a case of a Promethean at the end of his rope and unable to cope with a dilemma in any other way.

The Refinement of Tin is one that nearly every Promethean comes to at some point in their lives, as the Disquiet builds around them and they must act upon their Torment or be consumed by it. Some make their way off this path in short order, but many don't. Frankensteins are, by their very natures, prone to Torment and therefore are most often seen on this path, as are Tammuz, who often have just seen too much go wrong for them. Galateids with this Refinement are rare because of their loving natures, but one who finds themselves scorned can make an extremely dangerous follower of Stannum.



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