Stag is the totem of the Fianna.



Great Stag is the master of the Wild Hunt. He is the representation of the wild masculine power of nature and associated with virility. He is an ancient totem, older than the Garou, and represents one of the fundamental aspects of life. He taught the Garou their affinity with nature and was perhaps instrumental in ending the Impergium. Stag will occasionally appear to lost Garou, leading them out of danger or aiding them in a crisis.

It is the totem of the Fianna tribe. Stag is a Totem of Respect.

Traits & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 6

Traits Edit

Packs chosen by Stag can call upon an extra three Willpower points per story and gain a +3 to a Survival Dice Pool. Each pack member gains three points of Honor. Fianna will always be well disposed towards them, as will faeries.

Ban Edit

Children of Stag must always aid faeries, Changelings, or their kin.


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