Stéphanie L'Heureux is an unusual vampire with a severe case of pyrophilia. She is the founder and Pack Priest of the Wretched, a Sabbat pack based in Montréal.


Stéphanie L'Heureux attracted the attention of the Tzimisce Maciej Zarnovich, when he found her in a hospital with third-degree burns after setting her house on fire with her family – and herself – still inside. Her inhuman fascination with burning flesh, as well as the ecstasy she claimed to have felt when her own body had began to burn, fascinated the Tzimisce and he Embraced her as soon as she had regained her physical health.

Fascinated with Vicissitude and flames, Stéphanie joined her sire's freak show as a fire-eater, fusing metal with her flesh to become more resistant against fire. She left her sire in order to pursue her own goal of melting actual fire with her undead body, but the two remain in good contact.

Stéphanie and her pack have dedicated themselves on exploring the limits of inhumanity, deliberately leaving behind all remnants of mortal restraints, even developing a Thaumaturgical ritual that purges their undead forms from any resemblance they had to their former mortal form. It is called "The Crucible", and requires a cup of her own refined vitae.

Those who drink the mixture temporarily gain subconscious use of Vicissitude and find their bodies transforming to match their self-images. This rite is performed when a vampire enters the Wretched pack and whenever a member feels ready to "evolve".

This unique ritual has gained Stéphanie the respect of the city's other Tzimisce and has given her opinions weight.

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