A Squad is a gathering of Boggans with something to get done.

Overview Edit

As complex as they can be, knitting circles are casual recreation. When a group of boggans really want to get something done, they will take on the roles of a chef and her staff. The high-stress environment of a professional kitchen is a crucible that requires discipline and coordination. Boggans emulate a kitchen staff’s formation when they want to bring the full force of their coordinated work ethic down on important matters, like warfare or home renovation.

The chef is the de facto leader of the crew. Their word is law. They assign all other responsibilities and are the final arbiter of all difficult decisions. The sous chef is the chef’s second-in-command, in charge when the chef is not around to decide. The crew itself is divided into smaller groups called lines: named for whatever responsibility or specialty they cover.

Small crews with only one line are called squads. They are still led by chefs, but come together for one very specific purpose. There are birthday squads for when boggans suddenly realize someone is having a birthday and need to whip up a celebration in short order. Flu squads visit the ill with medicine, hot drinks, and blankets and sanitize all doorknobs before they leave. Forgotten anniversary squads descend deus ex machina style with flowers, poetry, and candles to save the night from hurt feelings.

References Edit

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