Spring Cleaning is a traditional household celebration of the Boggans.

Overview Edit

Spring is an exciting time for Boggans because it means spring cleaning is coming! Boggan housekeepers mark their calendar and count the days until the spring equinox, the traditional time of renewal, rebirth, and cleansing.

It is tradition to try and get it done all in one week, or even one day if you live in a small household. Boggans will plan extensively in advance, organize into crews, assign chefs and sous chefs (for more on these terms see the larger article Boggan), re-weave brooms and stock up on soap. Then, at dawn, they will tear through their homes, hurricanes of coordinated effort, spraying, sweeping, and scouring. Dusting every corner and turning every mattress. Nothing is safe and other kiths run for cover until it’s over, lest they find themselves tidied and neatly put away in a linen closet somewhere.

The ritual of spring cleaning has very powerful mystical ramifications. It is a purifying force. Legend has it that it can lift or ameliorate curses and even breathe new life into flickering balefires. It focuses on the location cleaned, but can have an effect on the inhabitants as well. Rumor has it an enchanted prince was once saved from eternal slumber by his loyal butler who organized the castle staff to scrub the offending magic into nothingness. And it worked.

Spring cleaning is traditionally ended with a cleansing of the self. After long days of hard work, sweaty and sore Boggans will retire to take long, warm baths where they clean themselves from top to toe.

References Edit

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