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Spoils of War is a sourcebook for Dark Ages: Vampire.


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To the Victors Go the Spoils
Whether its a Holy War or battle of succession, strife brings opportunity. The inhabitants of the Dark Medieval, mortal and supernatural, are rarely satisfied with what they have. Call it what you like a righteous cause or an ancient grudge war is hell, but the rewards can be worth the risks. Do you have the courage, the intelligence and the skill to lead an army to victory?
The Victor Writes History
Dark Ages: Spoils of War is the sister title to Right of Princes and contains information on how to raise an army, attack and overtake a foes holdings, and beat an enemy through stealth, diplomacy and assassination. It contains information on both the historical and supernatural applications of war in the Dark Medieval, and how players can turn these weapons to their characters advantage.


Prelude: The Beast of War

A pair of werewolves encounter the casualties of the new face of war.


Chapter One: Duty and Steel

This chapter discusses the reasons for going to war and the history of some of the greatest battles of the last few decades, and gives systems for leading troops, building and using siege engines, foraging for food, and combat at sea.

Chapter Two: Poisoned Quills

Examines the shady side of war, including poison, disease, and assassination. Diplomacy and inheritance (which can be just as shady) are also discussed.

Chapter Three: Preparing for Battle

Explores how to prepare an army, the elements of a medieval fighting force and its common equipment, the logistics of an army on the march, and the most significant "conflict zones" in the Dark Medieval.

Chapter Four: Ashes and Blood

Revisits the four sample demesnes first detailed in Right of Princes ...and tears them down.

Background Information

Spoils of War is the companion book of Right of Princes.

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  • Jhunakhai - A warlord and follower of the Mongol horde



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