The Spectres are the recondite Shades of Stygia, embodying the Arcanum of Death, and can be called down through the art of Supernal Summoning.

Spectres are beings that manifest the natural change that all things have to endure- that all falls to dust, that everything crumbles and all fall apart. The transitional process of death is one of the great existential mysteries of the universe — a puzzle that many Moros spend a lifetime trying to solve. While the Spectres of Stygia may not have all of the answers, the study of them is, at the very least, a good place to begin.

Specters can take many forms. They may manifest as pale, indistinct, ghostly figures or ever-shifting, shadowy creatures of darkness. A Specter may reveal itself as a being resembling various cultural personifications of death, a Grim Reaper figure or an “Angel of death.” Others prefer the forms of creatures associated with death and decay in folklore and the natural world: carrion birds, flies or maggots, crows, or black dogs. Some take the shape of the dead in various stages of decay.

Through their connection with death, spectres prove very useful when communicating with Ghosts and the Underworld, even with those who are unreachable by conventional methods.

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