Special Affairs Department (or SAD) is a division within the Federal Bureau of Investigation dedicated to investigating crimes and criminal activity involving supernatural creatures or occult phenomena.


Founded in the early 1950’s, the Department is well aware of the threat posed by and has documented evidence verifying the existence of vampires, werewolves, and mages. The Department has also investigated cases involving ghosts and even UFOs but the bulk of the division’s resources and manpower in recent years has almost solely been devoted to criminal cases implicating the activities of either vampires or werewolves.

The official mandate of Special Affairs has changed little over the years but the focus of the Department’s mission has undergone some shifts. The Department’s official purpose was to “investigate cases of a strange and persistent nature with the intent of determining, once and for all, whether such cases represent a nationwide hoax, or if they in fact possess some validity of truth”. It was under this mandate that the Department pursued investigations into UFO sightings, Bigfoot reports, and ghost hauntings. However, over the years the Department has clearly established itself as a special arm of the Bureau that investigates so-called “bizarre occult-style crimes” and, arguably, it is under this auspice that the Department has made some of its most startling discoveries.

Special Affair’s official mandate is, largely, a secret among other Bureau employees but the notoriety of the Department’s agents, especially during the late '50's and '60's, is something of a legend. At that time, agents were said to dress entirely in black suits and dark sunglasses and drove government issued black Cadillacs. This has lead many theorists to speculate that Special Affairs Department agents were in fact the cause of many of the "Men in Black" of the period. Although S.A.D. agents are still secretive about their true mission they have also taken steps to work within the infrastructure of the Bureau mainstream.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a Special Affairs agent to assist in the behavioral profiling of a serial killer or to help coordinate the case against a white-collar criminal. Still, if the Department’s agents do such work with other Bureau divisions it is always with the hidden agenda that such cases involve something far more monstrous, something that only S.A.D. is aware of and has the power to hunt down and destroy.


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