Soulstones are material pieces of an Awakened soul.


A soulstone is pure magic, carved from the Awakened soul of a willing mage and given form. Containing not only an intrinsic, unbreakable bond to one of the Watchtowers, a soulstone also holds within its demurely mundane shape hope, aspiration and the ultimate realization of a mage’s potential. Few more potent tools are found outside of soul stones.The process that leads to the creation of a soulstone usually involves traveling into the Oneiros and finding something that resembles their soul.

With the use of a soulstone, a mage can create annulities, focus supernal energy through it in order to avoid Paradox, teach Legacies through it and expand their Reach.

Possession of the soulstone of a different person grants the owner power over the subject. Tremere are known to devour soulstones or use them for their own twisted purposes. During the Neolithic, mages gathered around Soulstones carved from Pangaean souls called Omphalos Stones.

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