Sorry Martin is an Ojo Eshu Wilder and occasional member of Ragger's Band.

Overview Edit

Sorry Martin

Martin is the product of an insulated life. He stayed inside to read during recess instead of playing with other children. While this developed his intellect, it stunted his physical and social growth something fierce. His parents moved from the East Coast to find an intellectual and ecologically sound lifestyle and encouraged their son to read whatever he wanted. He stumbled onto Yeats at an early age and became enamored of his Celtic Twilight. This was a bit dismaying to his parents who hoped he'd find something in Ghanan literature. For all that, though, Martin never thought he'd find "dim faerie," only read about it.

Meeting one of Ragger's band in an otherwise deserted schoolyard triggered his Chrysalis, however, and also convinced him that he needed help in this decidedly non-Yeatsian fairyland. Thus was Killer born. (See below)

Martin's fae name comes from his habit of apologizing for everything he does and it's quite a joke among Ragger's Band. Martin still runs with them when he can, trying desperately to fit in.

Personal Edit

Martin is a little callow but is always honored when given responsibility. He tends to shoot off his mouth, unfortunately, and Killer has to get him out of trouble.

Image Edit

Martin is a young African-American man with thick glasses and a late-70's wardrobe and displays all the signs of being a computer geek. He slouches, making him seem shorter than his 5'9". His hands are constantly in motion, as if typing what he's saying. Killer, a chimerical chickenhawk, sits on his shoulder with a bad attitude and a molting problem.

Killer the Chickenhawk Edit

Martin dreamed up Killer as his aid in this less-than-perfect faerieland. Killer is loyal, honest, sarcastic, and always ready to come to his friend's defense. He's everything a nerd's best friend should be and it's a little tragic that Martin had to dream him up instead of finding a friend.

Killer is a combat machine. He's about a foot tall and looks like a cross between a chicken and a hawk that's been a little anthropomorphized... a cartoon animal. He's usually puffing away on a cigarette and making disgusted faces at some of the things Martin says. His wings end in fists and he'll offer to box with opponents "fair'n'square" before taking them down with his dirty tricks.

He's utterly devoted to Martin and will actively seek to kill anyone who harms his friend. Martin, to his credit, doesn't take advantage of this fact overmuch. It would even be stretching it a bit to say he's noticed the correlation between the number of times he's gotten himself in trouble and the times Killer has bailed him out.

References Edit

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