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Sorcerer Revised Edition is a supplement for Mage: The Ascension about the sorcerers, hedge wizards, psychics, and others who practice magic without being Awakened and unrestricted by Paradox.


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Small Miracles
Hedge wizards and minor magicians – condemned to the limited powers of rigid Paths and subtle phenomena. Without Awakening, they cannot grasp the true potential of magic – but they're far from weaklings. With careful study and strong will, they unlock power without risk of Paradox. Now that the Reckoning has come, even sorcerers are needed in the Traditions. Whether wizards, visionaries or psychics, these crafty humans are more than mere mortals.
Great Potential
Revised and updated, this volume elaborates on the powers of subtle sorcery in the new Mage Revised Edition line. Here you'll find rules for the various Paths of study, sorcerous Rituals and the Merits and Flaws of visionaries, mediums, and sensitives. Plus, techno-sorcery, exceptional science, psychic phenomena, magical heritage and more, all under one cover at last and suited for those who are a little more than human but still careful enough to escape the scourge of Paradox.


Prologue: Green for the Earth


Chapter One: The Twilight World

Chapter Two: Sorcerous Societies

Chapter Three: Character Creation

Chapter Four: Paths and Rituals

Chapter Five: Psychic Phenomena

Chapter Six: Storytelling

Background Information


Memorable Quotes





Ancient Order of the Aeon Rites, Asatru Futhark, Balamob, Bata'a, Children of Osiris (MTAs), Cult of Isis, Cult of Mercury, Dozen Priests of the Pythian Order, Fenian, Friends of Foster, Hedge magic, Insight Investments, Linear magic, Maison Liban, Marsh Institute, Mogen Ha Chav, Nebuu-afef, Nephite Priesthood, Numina (WoD)Psychic (WOD), Seven Thunders, Silver Portal, Sorcerer (WOD), Star Council, Thal'hun, Uzoma

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