Sons of Cade
Name: Son of Cade
Plural: Sons of Cade, Cadians
Parent Clan: Ventrue
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Vigor, Resilience
The Sons of Cade are a bloodline that is just developing. So far, it is centered around its founder, the Ventrue Jack Cade, who has yet to introduce others into the bloodline.

The bloodline is likely to spread in the Lancea et Sanctum, Cade's own Covenant.


Jack Cade was a soldier before he became a vampire, entering the Requiem during the Mexican-American War. Since then, Cade has dedicated himself to war, even the more nebulous forms of war like the "War on Terror". During his campaign, he inadvertently changed his own vitae, becoming the first Avus of a new bloodline, even if he himself does not realize it yet.

Members of Cade’s bloodline will be warrior-lords, knights errant in the Chronicles of Darkness, living and dying by the sword. These Ventrue will live by a personal (and often twisted) personal code of honor that puts conviction before all else. For the Cadians, might makes right, and no greater might exists than one’s own blood-fueled arms.


In addition to the mental deterioration caused by the Blood of Clan Ventrue, Jack Cade (and perhaps, eventually, his Kindred descendents) gains additional strength at the cost of his self-control. As a brutal warrior, Cade is driven to solve his problems through violence. He (and any future members of his line) suffers a –3 penalty to rolls to avoid Frenzy as a result of anger.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Ventrue clan

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