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Solusek's Eye is a sourcebook for the EverQuest RPG adapted to d20 rules.


Journey to the Center of the Earth
What has lured the gnomes of Ak’Anon from their home in the Steamfont Mountains, across Faydwer and the vast Ocean of Tears, to create an outpost in possibly the most unforgiving and dangerous environment on all of Norrath?
The region of caverns and lava-filled tunnels known as Solusek’s Eye is in the heart of theLavastorm Mountains near its namesake, a gigantic caldera of lava whence Solusek Ro himself is said to sometimes gaze upon the world. It’s here that the gnomes and their clockwork minions defend a small portion of the caves from kobolds and goblins, as well as from seemingly unnatural predators like stone spiders and sonic bats. Did the gnomes come for the enormous mineral and gem deposits, or is the Solusek Mining Company just a cover for a more ambitious undertaking?
And the mystery deepens: Why, unbeknownst to the gnomes, does the mighty red dragon Lord Nagafen demand that his servants — fire giants, goblins, and kobolds alike — stay their hands from exterminating the tinkering intruders?
100% compatible with 3.5 edition fantasy role-playing rules
This sourcebook details the history and present circumstances of the complicated environment in and around Solusek’s Eye, including complete settlements of goblins, kobolds, and gnomes, as well as the Citadel of the Krombral, a city teeming with fire giants who avoided the ancient curse of idiocy that affected many of the giant race. In addition, for the first time anywhere, this sourcebook offers a true sneak-peek at some of the new material that will appear online in EverQuest II.
For instance, what part do the gnomes really play in the politics of Solusek’s Eye?

Chapter One: At Inferno's Gate

Chapter Two: The Goblins

Chapter Three: The Kobolds

Chapter Four: The Gnomes

Chapter Five: The Lower Eye

Chapter Six: The Citadel of the Krombral

Appendix One: Creatures of Solusek's Eye

Appendix Two: New Magic and Trade Skill Items

Appendix Three: Open Game License

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