"Solace" is a near-mythical drug that, according to urban legend, allows a vampire to feel the pleasures of mortality again.


Few vampires will claim to actually have used the drug, it are always stories that used to happen to one's sire's coterie mate's acquaintance. To hear them tell it, Solace is sold in a tiny, silver syrette that is placed under the tongue. When injected, the vampire feels pure euphoria combined with nostalgia. They say the drug makes the dead alive, or close to it, for one night. The body warms. The food has taste, and the wine makes you drunk again. The effects last for one night.

No one knows who is behind the rumor, or behind the drug. Some point to the Ordo Dracul, others believe in the works of Unaligneds, while other suspect demonic aid or even stranger forces. Some neonates spend the first half of their Requiem searching for Solace, without finding it.


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