The Society of the Accord is an unconventional Golconda cult that seeks to tame the Beast by indulging it. They feel no shame or fear from the vampiric condition, and constantly flirt with Masquerade breaches.


Members of the Society are individually called Hellions, and they organize into large groups called Voleries. The Volery maintains an active social calendar, though events range from orgies and blood feasts to tests of courage and strength to incomprehensible games. The ultimate goal is to practice the different kinds of frenzy — either resisting them or learning to ride them out — and thus train the inner Beast the way one would train an aggressive animal.

Many members of the Society are drawn from those who enjoyed participating in regimented, tight-knit social groups in life, from gang members to team athletes to former frat brothers and sorority sisters. Thrill-seekers are also frequently drawn to their chaotic rites, but so are guilty or confused neonates struggling with the Beast or caught in the aftermath of a bad frenzy. Many of these members remain on the Society's periphery, more interested in hedonism than enlightenment.

Older members, on the other hand, are often those who grew disillusioned with one of the other Covenants and understand the underlying purpose to the Volery's wild behavior. Those Hellions who are looking for more than a wild night will soon find a mentor in the inner circle.

All Hellions must go through a series of hazings in order to be considered full members of the Society, based on the Arguments.


Ultimately, the Society is a Golconda cult, but one influenced by early work in mortal psychology. They do not regard the Beast and the Man as being truly separate entities; the distinction is merely a convenient way to understand one's conflicting desires.

To the Society, the process of resisting or giving into frenzy is called the Argument, in which one side will win out. If the Beast is constantly repressed, its Arguments will become more and more savage until the vampire snaps in dramatic, costly fashion; the titular Accord is a state of harmony between Man and Beast in which the two cooperate instead of opposing one another. A high-level Hellion may put off a rage frenzy until she finds a safe location to give in, or gorge one night in order to be better able to resist a hungry frenzy the next. Their vision of Golconda is not a Requiem without the Beast, but one in which the Beast and Man are truly one, each supporting and serving the other's needs.


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