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The Society of Aton is a secret cult that dates itself back to ancient Egypt. They are servants of Ma'at and the arch-rivals of the Followers of Set.

Members are called Atonists.


The Society of Aton begins in ancient Egypt, during the reign of pharaoh Amenophis IV. Amenophis renamed himself Akhenaten and tried to introduce a monotheistic cult to Egypt that would worship solely the sun disk, called Aton. To this end, he gathered wizards and other sages around him, so that they would devise a way to fix the sun in the sky forever. This action alarmed the vampiric get of Set, who suffered doubly under the light of the sun, and incised the priests of the old gods against him. In the end, Akhenaten's rule was short and his monuments and religion did not survive his rule.

Followers of Aton survived and reorganized in the 5th century under the guise of a christian sect. The Sarmoung Brotherhood aided in the destruction of the old paganic religions and were part of the mob that destroyed the Library of Alexandria. As the Nur al-Allah, the Light of God, they scoured Egypt during Muslim rule for followers of pagan religions and mainly persecuted the Followers of Set, who actively resisted their ideals for a world united under Ma'at. Numerous temples burned and in the end, the Setites were forced to abandon Egypt in the Proclamation of Red Tears.

During the late 18th century, the Society resurfaced, now named the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria. The Setites fought a secret war against them, defeating them in some areas, but failing in others. One particular success was the foundation of the United States - the Atonists had a strong influence among the revolutionaries and even placed their symbol, the Eye in the Pyramid, as the Great Seal of the new nation.

The Society has not resurfaced as of late, but given its enormous resilience in the face of adversity, it is likely not extinguished and operates in secret.