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Sobek was the High Priest of the Fire Court around 1882. His exact lineage is never stated, but some believe that he is the childe of Neferu.


Embraced into a high position within the Clan, Sobek used his position and wealth to further his Clan's goals among mortal society. Loyal to his mistress, the child-methuselah Neferu, Sobek acted as her emissary to visitors of the Court while he overlooked the Typhonic ceremonies. He was the host of the Children of Isaac and Sascha Vykos in 1882, who searched for the tomb of Lazarus.

Within the Fire Court, he was not well liked, as some believed him to be a buffoon. Sobek was also a follower of the Path of Ecstasy and known to indulge in nearly all vices and perversions, with a special fondness for pedophilia.

Appearance Edit

Sobek is a large, bald, bull-necked man in his early 40s. His face looks as if it is carved from sandstone and is often as enigmatic as the Sphinx itself. His smile is a little sly, which is a habit he cannot seem to break. His ceremonial garb is green and gold, and he carries a long golden staff with a cobra coiled around it. He wears white robes of a richly tailored European suit on the rare occasions that he leaves the Fire Court.

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