From her great castle in the frozen reaches of Faerie, the Snow Queen rules high lands of eternal night.



Everything has a name. The frost sketching its secrets on the windowpanes, the stars gleaming bitterly in the sky, a lover’s last breath. If you look long enough, and deep enough, you can find every name here, written in the Lady’s books. I’m looking for my own, but I can’t read. Can you?
Atop the heights of Arcadian mountains rests the lifeless Diamond Castle. A frozen hellscape, the sunless sky watches over the bones of its victims, while dungeons and tunnels riddle the roots of the mountain like frigid veins. Its ruler, the Snow Queen, keeps the statues of young boys, stolen from their beds, in her hallways and bedchamber. Within the castle lies the main purpose her servants bear: a massive library, thought to bear the names of every Fae to exist and the details of every Contract to be forged.

Her ChangelingsEdit

The Snow Queen's Antiquarians maintain her library — guarding books to which they may be physically bound, or annotating her collection. These librarians may be fortunate enough to escape by finding their mortal names in the Queen's books. Meanwhile, within the Diamond Castle's dungeons, Leechfingers tend to the Lady’s prisoners; often Leechfingers are former prisoners themselves, now become the torturers, having already had the life stolen out of them. 


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