The Sneakers are a group of commoner kithain infiltrators and spies that can do just about anything if you have the funds.

Overview Edit

The Sneakers are all Commoners and, in fact, have one representative from each kith.

  • Tathy Gams: A Redcap who specializes in knocking people's lights out.
  • Miscka Garel: An Eshu who serves as the front operator and who has occasionally used her... feminine charms to get information from a target.
  • Algernon: A Satyr and the brains of the group. He's quiet and doesn't go out much but there's more to him than meets the eye.
  • Cassandra Bates: a Pooka.
  • Daunic: a Sluagh eavesdropper.
  • Leif Eyecatcher: A Troll who specializes in audio/video.
  • Candy: a Nocker fixit.
  • Frankie James: a Boggan with nimble fingers.

If you need help, call. They'll do pro bono work at times or set up fees based on their employer's resources.

References Edit

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